TopFunnel Chrome Extension
I had the opportunity to help re-design chrome extension for the company I work for which is intended to be used for recruiters/hiring managers. There was no user research (unfortunately) and branding, but it was still a fantastic project to be apart of.
Sketches and Mockups
Current Version
This is what the extension currently looks like now:

The icons on the upper right are the FAQ and Outreach. Outreach leads to desktop version where you can see the campaigns going on.

Eventually we want our clients to be able to as much as possible through the extension so they can source, send out messages, etc. For the very first version of my sketches/design I went for the following goals:

  1. More alerts/notifications, so I know when important events have happened back in the app (It would be nice if these linked back to the app)
  2. Save for later, so I can save a profile without adding to campaign
  3. More ATS integration, so I can add a profile to a stage in my ATS
  4. Messaging
I started off with something that is similar to the current one and from there expanded. The note is for when saving for later to remind yourself why you're saving the profile. The biggest hurdles were trying to figure out exactly how messaging would work and knowing that not having a drop down menu for campaigns could cause an issue depending on how many campaigns a client has. For the digital version I decided to start with the less familiar one and if needed remove from there. Not sure if that's the best approach, but in the end it worked out.

Something new I also added in the digital version was the ability to type in user name/name therefore being able to save for campaigns for anyone in the company.
First Hi-Fi Mockup
From left to right:

  1. Extension homepage
  2. User has selected campaign and ATS
  3. User has selected Save For Later and can add note to self
  4. Chat with potential candidate
  5. Similar to #1, the difference is that the user can delete campaigns from the extension homepage
  6. Notifications
Again, dealing with how campaigns are listed was the biggest issue so made some revisions. I did a lot through out the 2 weeks, but I won't show them all just the most important ones.

Going back to the basics, it was also decided that messaging would not in the MVP. Although, I knew that showing the list of campaigns should be done in the simplest form I still wanted to play around with other options.
Second Hi-Fi Mockups
From left to right:

1. Extension homepage
Campaigns and ATS are now drop down menu's Removed chat feature 2. Extension homepage
Red error message alerting user the profile has already been saved3. Extension homepage ver 2
When saving for later, the user can add a to self4. Current Campaign drop down (4,5, and 6). The idea is that campaigns are separated into job categories (engineer, sales, etc) then from their the user can select the specific campaign.
Arrow points to the right then user selects specific campaign that can be viewed in the last design, #65. Arrow points to the right
User selects specific campaign as can be seen in #6
After the many revisions, here's what it came down to.

  1. No ATS stage, therefore no note
  2. No Message
  3. Notifications tab to have separate tabs within that area depending on the topic
  4. Save Profile was changed to Add to Campaign because it better conveys the outcome

Now the engineer is just building it out and making little changes here and there.
This was my first time working on a project that is out of Bloc. I collaborated with the product and engineering team. In particular, I was paired up with an engineer who assisted me daily in coming up with designs. Although, the whole process wasn't there (research, branding, etc) it was a great introduction into what I can expect when I get my first job.

Update: Design of extension has gone through a few redesigns without my involvement.
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