I helped a friend come up with a MVP for his Flashcard app. He wanted something that he could code (he focuses on backend). After talking to him and discussing what he wanted which was pretty much a Flashcard version of Gmail, I went straight to work.
First Iteration
Here are my first iterations:

1. Login page
2. Dashboard
3. Add deck
4. Going through decks
5. Edit deck

I know there are a lot of steps missing, but we both were not aware of how far this would go (if it would go anywhere). Therefore, we thought we would get a general design slow/system going then go into more detail when needed.
I talked to a few design people and gathered some feedback:

  1. Shadow on the buttons is too much
  2. Visuals on the cards are cool, but what purpose does it serve?
  3. Curve on the sign in page is too much, tone it down
    Second Iteration
    I removed the shadow, changed the woman to a guy thinking/trying to memorize, and toned down curve.
      He got a job shortly after completing the second iteration. However, any chance I can get to do some design work is worth it to me.
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